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Calibre Limited- Building Automation Systems, Access Control, CCTV Surveillance, Security and Point of Sale Integration Solutions

Building Automation Systems (BAS), Access Control and Security Solutions:

Calibre has developed a user friendly, robust and reliable Building Automation System (BAS) that automates a building’s access control, time and attendance, air-conditioning, lighting, CCTV surveillance and security system. This system is an essential tool in fine tuning the internal operations of any building of any size. Calibre has a range of software systems including


  • Calibre™ BMS
  • Calibre™ iPOS
  • Calibre™ VisTrack

Calibre’s Building Automation and Security Systems provide a full turnkey controlled building solution.

CCTV Solutions:

Calibre can provide CCTV surveillance systems using the latest in technology solutions. With modern technology and modern cameras with features such as IP analytics, Pan-Tilt-Zoom, domes and fixed mounting image quality is second-to-none and reliability guaranteed.

To reduce the amount of storage space needed for DVR’s, motion activated cameras can be utilised.

Smart View can be used as a management tool to study and evaluate current business procedures and ensure full business productivity. Retail outlets can focus on hot spots where merchandise is commonly being stolen, by setting perimeters around individual items.

Calibre Limited offer the latest in CCTV technology giving benefits such as:

  • Simultaneous playback, recording and archiving
  • Observation and monitoring
  • Prosecution evidence
  • Security and reassurance of staff
  • Remote access abilities

Calibre™ BMS:

Calibre™ BMS automates your buildings access control, time and attendance, air-conditioning, lighting, surveillance and security.

Calibre™ BMS ensures that your building runs more efficiently, that its occupants are comfortable and that operating costs are minimised. Calibre™ BMS is easy to use – its system designed with the user in mind.

Calibre™ BMS offers the following features

  • Integrated Management
  • Centralised building control systems
  • User Friendly
  • CCTV and Video Surveillance
  • Energy efficient utility controls
  • Provide comfortable working environment for employees
  • Keep a full audit trail of system activities

Calibre™ iPOS:

iPOS provides the means to investigate transaction and stock discrepancies.

The Calibre™ iPOS user interface synchronises CCTV camera footage and cash register point of sale (POS) transaction data to provide rapid checking of recorded footage with actual POS transaction details.

Calibre™ VisTrack:

Create a professional first impression for all visitors to your workplace with a Calibre™ VisTrack visitor Management System.

Calibre™ VisTrack is an easy to navigate interface that enables visitors to self-sign-in. Free up your receptionist to perform other duties and let VisTrack take care of your visitor management.

Service and Maintenance Support:

Calibre offer a 24x7x365 after sales technical support service.

Calibre Limited – Client Base:

Calibre Limited has proven technologies and experience that have led to successes both here in New Zealand and worldwide.

For a list of satisfied customers please contact us via the Contacts Page.