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Calibre Limited- RFID Solutions

Incomparable Traceability

Calibre RFID (Radio frequency Identification) systems provide state-of-the-art advanced ‘track and trace’ solutions that are adaptable to a variety of applications.

RFID systems are an ideal method of tracking product through its manufacturing processes and capturing data throughout those applications.

Calibre has provided Lamb and Beef configured RFID systems to meat processing companies throughout New Zealand.

Calibre RFID systems are ‘bespoke’ solutions configured to Customer requirements.

Calibre RFID solutions provide:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved stock control
  • Increased efficiency in product tracking and traceability
  • Accelerated processes through increased automation
  • Real time analysis of process data
  • Asset tracking; containers and pallets can be tracked and located throughout the supply network, reducing waste and stock shrinkage
  • Automated proof of delivery

Process Efficiency:

Calibre RFID systems can increase your production efficiency with faster data collection and the elimination of clerical errors in recording data. Additionally there are reduced labour benefits to be gained. All Calibre RFID components meet regulatory requirements.

Industry Sectors Using RFID:

Technically advanced RFID based track and trace systems have been offered and implemented in the following industries:

  • Meat Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Dairy Industry
  • Plastic Manufacturing

Calibre Limited – Client Base:

Calibre Limited has proven technologies and experience that have led to successes both here in New Zealand and Australia.

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