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Industrial Chillers, Freezers and Intelligent Sorting

Calibre can provide Industrial chiller/Freezer Tunnel systems and product sorting systems designed to complement the individual requirements of each customer, post-production elements like case closing through to the delivery of the product directly to a loading dock; palletising system or robot can also be incorporated.

 Solutions available can be based on requirements such as:

  • Fixed Time Retention
  • Variable Time Retention
  • Temperature Control
  • Integrated Sorting
  • Product Collation
  • Product Sorting

Calibre tunnels include features ranging from servo controlled elevators and product pushers, variable speed control of evaporator fans, unique airflow design and precision product placement techniques. These features ensure freezing and chilling energy consumption is optimised and cost savings are realised without compromising on functionality or performance.

Tunnel Designs:

Fixed Time System (FTS):

The FTS is a simple temperature freezing or chilling system designed to manage large volumes of product requiring a single retention time.

The system is engineered around first in, first out (FIFO) philosophy, orientating incoming product to ensure product is presented to the airflow arranged for optimal chilling or freezing to enable minimum circulating-fan energy and provide consistency of product treatment thus achieving maximum heat transfer.

The FTS is designed to be a low cost and low maintenance system.

Temperature Control System (TCS):

The Temperature Control System (TCS) has the freezing or chilling flexibility to be either a single retention time storage system or can be programmed as a multiple retention time system with shelves allocated to retention times dedicated to specific production line products or SKU numbers.

The TCS can be integrated with a sorting system (an ISS) which gives the added benefit of product sortation. Random products and SKU numbers can be sorted more efficiently, achieving full shelf loads or specific orders.

Integrated Sorting System (ISS):

The Integrated Sorting System (ISS) is an automatic sorting solution. Used together with a TCS, it removes the need for manual sorting and requires little additional floor space. The ISS can sort large volume production automatically and accurately. The ISS can significantly reduce labour costs, handle multiple product lines, and can sort production by either product type or customer order. The ISS eliminates substantial post-production labour through automated sorting and materials handling, delivering product directly to the loading dock.

Product Collation System (PCS):

The Product Collation System (PCS) is a single unit sorting system, suitable for use with a wide range of food applications. The PCS efficiently collates and sorts multiple product types or SKU’s simultaneously to order. The fully automated PCS is a stand-alone system that can be integrated with either a new tunnel or existing unit. Capable of operating in a chilled or frozen environment, the PCS can sort into common SKU’s, pallet lots or even programmed to collate orders.

Other Sorting System Options:

Additional to the ISS and PCS, Calibre offers customised vertical and horizontal (discharge) sorting solutions tailored to suit floor space available. These sorting systems are adapted to suit individual client requirements. Various levels of sortation capabilities can be offered including primary sorting of common SKU or blocks of SKU through to complex robot palletising systems each designed to achieve optimal product handling and client requirements.

Calibre Limited – Client Base:

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